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Our Transport Management & Scheduling System

How can you minimise complex transport costs while still making full use of a talented scheduler’s knowledge and experience? The answer is InfoTRAM. 

InfoTRAM is Infomace’s Transport Management & Scheduling System.
Although InfoTRAM is very powerful, it is the customer who chooses the extent of InfoTRAM’s influence over the schedule. InfoTRAM allows management to implement scheduling policy, and track user compliance. InfoTRAM is a well proven system with a 20+ year track record of successful operation. Individual client tailoring and regular updates have maintained the system’s integrity.

Our two foremost InfoTRAM Transport Company Clients are McColls Transport in Australia and Dairy Fresh Logistics in New Zealand. Australasian Dairy companies for whom our optimised milk collection is being utilised include Australian Dairy farmers Co-Operatives(ADFC), Beston Global Food Company, Fonterra, Fresco, La Casa Del Formaggio, Lion, Milk2Market, Miraka Dairy, Open Country Dairy, Parmalat, The Kiwi Organic Hub, and Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory.

In conjunction with the diagram, to further explain the system we’ve provided some examples of InfoTRAM workflow:

… and so on. We’re confident that InfoTRAM’s flexibility allows for a huge range of workflows. Furthermore, throughout this process of creating a schedule InfoTRAM will keep a history of changes, including the costs and benefits of these changes – so it’s easy to rollback a particular change if it turned out to be unwanted.  InfoTRAM is the scheduler’s flexible and powerful tool for fine tuning their schedule in a compressed timeframe.

To use an analogy – GPS provides a driver guidance to reach a destination. Like InfoTRAM the GPS will make its suggestion for an optimum trip route. Like a scheduler using InfoTRAM – a driver using GPS may use their own intuition at any time and choose to deviate from the GPS’ directions. After all, there will be occasions where the driver’s intuition is superior to the GPS’ route, the GPS won’t see red lights up ahead, ongoing construction works – etc. Although the driver can deviate from the GPS’ suggested route the GPS retains the same goal destination, and simply calculates a new route to reach the destination based on the vehicle’s current position.

Sound good? Perhaps you’d like to contact us for more information or a demonstration?

We’ve provided some details of our InfoTRAM System – click here to read more.

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