A New I.T Client Business Partner

As of this month Infomace International is delighted to have begun an I.T business partnership with the Hilton Haulage Limited Partnership.

Initially it will involve the implementation of the Infomace InfoTRAM Vehicle Scheduling Suite throughout its milk collection operations, but already plans are being considered in respect of deployment of the Infomace TMS Transport Management System.

The InfoTRAM suite has been used by Dairy Fresh Logistics (who are part of the Hilton Haulage Whanau) since 2010, and Infomace is pleased to be expanding the system’s usage.

For interest, Hilton Haulage specialise in off-farm raw and specialty milk collection as well as inter-plant transfers and general transport throughout New Zealand.

They have over 11 years’ experience providing services for both co-operative and independently owned dairy companies and are recognised as one of the most credible companies who collect milk off-farm in New Zealand.

They have a highly experienced milk collection team who utilise their cutting edge fleet configuration and milk sampling technology to provide an efficient, cost-effective service to both the farmers who produce the milk and the companies they collect for.

The new I.T. Business Partnership with Infomace is anticipated to further enhance its overall efficiency.