Our Circulation and Distribution Suite smallCirc

Infomace’s Circulation and Distribution suite is a powerful, intuitive software tool for managing the distribution of your publication. Our publication clients regard the software highly, some of whom have kindly volunteered their praise of the system – which can be read here. The suite is feature packed, here’s a brief overview:

  • Manage Subscriber Customers
  • Find customers easily through a flexible search interface
  • Easily apply a temporary stop when a subscriber requests it (eg: holiday)
  • Create bundle labels, and print them in the order that suits  (eg: within streets, within vans)
  • Manage Retail Customers
  • Automate billing – apply credits to customers on temporary stop, provide refunds to retailers returning unsold papers – and so on
  • Customisation subscription rates according to the billing cycle
  • One customer can have multiple subscriptions

Sound good? Perhaps you’d like to contact us for more information or a demonstration?

We’ve provided some details of our Circulation & Distribution Suite – click here to read more.