Not just another IT company

We can provide, integrate, and handle it all

  • Financials
  • Logistics
  • Optimised scheduling
  • Stock control
  • Document control
  • Integration and interfacing
  • Multi-site coordination

and much, much more

We can link and integrate anything

We tailor and coordinate your software systems to ensure we maximise productivity and business performance. Our clients rely on us to ensure their IT infrastructure and operations are always driving business forward. We do this by:

  • Maintaining systems
  • Linking systems
  • Optimising systems performance
  • Supporting systems
  • Developing systems
  • Enhancing systems
Making your software work for you

We know that one of the biggest frustrations in today’s world is not being able to transfer information from one IT system into another, be it from older systems to newer add ons, or between disparate current systems within your existing infrastructure.

We stand out in our ability to link and integrate your systems so that they work together properly. We have proven this expertise across many industries and with all types of IT infrastructure.

IT support available 24/7, even when your own IT people are not

Because we add most value as active participants in your business, we provide a personally assigned contact to ensure you deal with the same consultants who will take personal responsibility for resolving your problem.

Your Infomace IT department can be available 24/7 – ready and knowledgeable to advise you, caring about your needs.