A New Milestone for Winfomace and Newspapers

We’ve been providing our Winfomace Newspaper Subscription and Circulation System to various clients in New Zealand and Australia for 25+ years.

Now we are planning the development of a Purpose Built Web Platform, integrated with the Newspaper Subscription and Circulation System AND our Infomace Financial Suite.

Planning will be concurrent to liaison with one of our clients Ashburton Guardian. Indeed, we are hoping that Ashburton will be the first users of our fully integrated suite.

Features will include:

Web Platform

    • Users will be able to request a pause or stop to their service.
    • Retailers’ returns will be able to be processed online, streamlining the process.
    • Users will have the ability to change their personal details, e.g email address, phone number change, name changes.
  • Users will be able to request to change their subscription type form digital/delivered or both. If the user selects ‘delivered’ their information will be added to a Winfomace queue
    system, allowing the delivery address to be verified by newspaper staff.

Updates to Subscription and Circulation

    • A Report of Subscribers by Run and Wrapped Option Y/N.

(Also moving the “wrapped” option from order details to subscriber detail in the customer area

    • Sequenced Run List Report Summary by Run Order – Not by Alpha Street Name

Primarily for peak Times when there can be many stops/starts.

    • Integrating Parts of Our Financial Suite.


    • General Ledger
    • Creditors Ledger
    • Debtors Ledger
    • Sales Ledger
    • Advertising Debtors
    • Debtors
    • Fixed Assets