More details about our Marina System

We’ve been talking to Marina Operators a lot lately, we’ve learned that each Marina’s scope of operations are unique, as such a Marina’s software requirements can extend well beyond berth management. Luckily, the team at Infomace has over 25 years experience developing Marina software, and over 30 years in custom software development.

A Marina System from Infomace is adaptable, we can modify the system to suit your workflows and preferences. In the right circumstances, we can tailor sophisticated functions to a single button. Why not contact us today?

Here, we describe just a few of the many functions within our Marina Software:

Berth Management

The main program’s interface layout reflects the Marina’s physical layout, this would be tailored to suit your Marina. In this example berths, compounds, and boatsheds may be viewed for three different sites.

The main program interface of our Marina System, this example shows all jetties, and a snapshot for each jetty in terms of occupancy, and type of usage.

The above screen shows the available jetties, when clicking jetty the system allows you to drill down to manage berths:

The interface for the berths part of our Marina software. We can see the individual berths on the left, their arrangement in the software is a reflection of their physical layout on the berth. Customer details are viewable on the right.

This makes it easy to find contact details by berth, or to confirm that the physically berthed vessel matches in the system – and so much more.

Casual Berthage

This facility manages the available berths for casual users. Our system handles both ‘Marina owned’ berths which are permanently designated for casual rental, or the sub-renting of customer berths – such as when they’re away short-term.

The interface for the Casual Berthage part of our Marina Software

Our Marina System handles new walk-in customers with ease. Assuming the walk-in customer’s desired dates are available, ‘Book for Customers’ is chosen. Here – it is possible to add an entirely new customer without losing the booking dates. Furthermore, if this ‘new’ customer is actually an old customer who simply forgot they’d been there before, if their new details match their old record – the system will recognise this, and prompt the customer services representative to use the existing record.

When a long term on-account berth renter plans to vacate their berth for a while, and offer it up for casual rent – the process is simple. All that’s required is: details of who they are, and for how long they will vacate their berth. Some customers may have multiple berths – the software offers a drop down menu for this.

Here we have the screen which enables us to add a client berth for casual rental


Cases is about streamlining the management of customer inquiries. Sometimes customer inquiries may require multiple return contacts, or input from multiple staff. For example, a customer service representative fields an inquiry – it’s a complaint about billing, so it would be referred to accounts for action. Once Accounts complete their responsibilities, the case might be referred back to the customer services representative – or to the Marina Manager. This could be done by email, however that data won’t be stored against the customer in the system, and emails can fall through the cracks.

With cases, you create a record against the customer in our Marina System’s CRM. While the case is open or pending, staff can access it, add records to it, and contribute towards its completion in order to close it off. Management of customer inquiries becomes much easier, as the cases remain open and assigned until they are completed. With cases – anyone can field any inquiry, all they need to do is assign it to the right person. That ‘right person’ will be prompted to check their cases, they’ll see the case – do what needs to be done which might include assigning it to someone else. In short, the case part of the system allows the team to easily manage, collaborate on, and resolve open customer inquiries.

Showing the Cases function for our Marina Software

Showing multiple open cases within the Marina system

 Bulk Email

Our Marina System contains an integrated Bulk Email sender. Customers within the CRM may be added to one or more ‘categories’. These categories are used throughout the software, and are particularly powerful within this bulk email facility.

Here we have the main interface for sending emails from our system. Emails can be sent to members within selected categories.

Despatching of updated pricing, newsletters, events – all this and so much more is easily achieved through categories, and the bulk email facility.

Functionality and Scope

Our Marina Software is already too extensive for an explanation on a webpage to do it justice, and considering our ability to customise the software to suit your Marina – it might be easiest to simply meet up for a demonstration and a bit of a chat. If that sounds good, please email Simon, or contact us.

Our Marina Client’s testimonial:

Dean Craighead, CFO, Port Marlborough New Zealand Limited.

Marlborough Marinas - Logo

“We have been a client of Infomace for some 26 years. A key attraction for us has been Infomace’s ability to create specialised marina software at an affordable price. The development work has been backed up by some of the best support I have ever experienced.”

Port Marlborough New Zealand Limited is based at Picton and operates diverse port and marina facilities in the Marlborough Sounds. The Port offers the deepest cargo berth in New Zealand (draft 15.7 metres) and is the South Island terminal port for New Zealand’s inter-island passenger and freight ferries.

Keen for a demo?

To find out more, please contact Simon (mobile: 021 894 904; email or the team here at Infomace – we’d be happy to demonstrate our Marina software to you.