Extended Use of Our Systems in the Dairy Industry

Over the last few months one of our Dairy Industry clients, Dairy Fresh Logistics, has extended its use of Infomace-developed software at its Whanganui HQ

Dairy Fresh Logistics, proudly presented at www.dairyfresh.co.nz first started using the Infomace Tanker Vehicle Scheduling and Optimisation Management software back in 2010 as part of its provision of milk collection services for Open Country (Whanganui) and later Miraka (Taupo).

IN JUNE 2015

 Dairy Fresh started using our Dairy Suppliers Payments Suite for another of its own clients, the Organic Dairy Hub.

For interest – The Organic Dairy Hub is……

  • A Trader of Organic Dairy Production: milk, meat, etc.
  • A Farmer Owned and Controlled Cooperative
  • A Supplier of Raw Ingredients to a range of large and small processors wishing to access Organic Milk
  • Proudly presented at:  www.organicag.co.nz


Dairy Fresh started using our Dairy Suppliers Payments Suite for Fresco Nutrition. 

For interest – Fresco Nutrition is……

  • A wholly New Zealand-owned company, which uses locally sourced ingredients to manufacture products in the most up-to-date facilities.
  • Uses only fat goat milk, not skim milk.
  • Has a product range which includes “Goat Gold Plus”, “Goat Milk” and “Goat Milk Tablets”
  • Proudly presented at:  www.fresconutrition.co.nz