Dairy Suppliers Payments System Update to .Net

Our core Dairy Suppliers System has got an update!! Infomace’s long lived and much loved software set has been brought to the 21st century with a full Rebuild in the .Net framework. Along with a new fresh look we have also built this version with the ability to work independently (as it did) or work … Read more

Exciting New Client: Papakura Budgeting Services

Infomace has worked with the Non-Profit organization Papakura Budgeting Services (PBS) to build a new and improved version of their old Budgeting Services Web Application. Improvements Include: Reports that display a vast array of client information to help them better manage their finances. Adding an Export to Excel feature with formulas intact for further calculations with … Read more

Our Dairy Supplier System

As Infomace International has been around for over 25 years, we’ve written software to suit the needs of many specialised industries. This system is for Dairy Suppliers – be they farm owners, share-milkers, or contract milkers. Brief Our Dairy Supplier System takes care of everything – payments, collections, milk quality, penalties – lock, stock, the … Read more

Extended Use of Our Systems in the Dairy Industry

Over the last few months one of our Dairy Industry clients, Dairy Fresh Logistics, has extended its use of Infomace-developed software at its Whanganui HQ Dairy Fresh Logistics, proudly presented at www.dairyfresh.co.nz first started using the Infomace Tanker Vehicle Scheduling and Optimisation Management software back in 2010 as part of its provision of milk collection services for Open … Read more